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For additional information about WHEEL DANCE's competition rules and regulations, please contact WHEEL DANCE at or 647-297-3198.

To register for updates about upcoming WHEEL DANCE sanctioned competitions in Canada, please email with the subject line "register for competition updates".

Competition: Rules and Regulations

International Paralympic Committee Rules and Regulations

WHEEL DANCE Rules and Regulations

Since WHEEL DANCE is independently governed in Canada, we have created our own rules and regulations for Canadian Wheelchair Dance and Wheelchair DanceSport competitions.

For Canadian wheelchair dancers that are within the IPC rules and regulations, WHEEL DANCE has adopted the IPC wheelchair dancesport standards to ensure that such participants qualify for international IPC sanctioned competitions, should they wish to participate.

For Canadian wheelchair dancers who do not qualify for IPC sanctioned competitions, WHEEL DANCE has also created an additional set of rules, regulations, classification, and judging standards to enable fully inclusive participation in all competitions, whether they are IPC sanctioned or not.

In doing so, WHEEL DANCE has enabled the participation of dancers of all abilities, including those that use power chairs, or require assistance mobilizing their wheelchair.

The fair governance of all Canadian wheelchair dance and dancesport competitions, both those that are IPC sanctioned and those that are not, means that anyone who would like to compete is able to, regardless of their level of ability.