WHEEL DANCE currently acts as the lead organizing body for Wheelchair DanceSport in Canada, by initiating, promoting, and stimulating the national growth of the sport.  We organize and run subsidized wheelchair dance classes, workshops, performances, and demonstrations, as well as support competitive DanceSport activity for Canadian wheelchair and able-bodied dancers.

WHEEL DANCE is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and provides training and support to individuals or groups in other provinces who are interested in establishing or participating in a community of wheelchair dancers in their region, including workshops and guidance on grant applications and promotion.

Interested in organizing a local WHEEL DANCE community in your region?                                                

Contact us at wheeldance@outlook.com

Organizing and Developing Wheelchair DanceSport in Canada

Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin dance is classified as an International Paralympic Committee Championships Sport.  There are various established organizations worldwide that organize, regulate, administer and maintain the sport.  Although Wheelchair DanceSport is popular in many countries, Canada has yet to realize the full potential of this activity, with little to no options available for individuals who would like to compete.

In addition to promoting the physical, social, and psychological benefits of social wheelchair dancing, WHEEL DANCE acts as the organizing body in Canada for dancers, teachers, coaches and volunteers interested in competitive Wheelchair DanceSport.  WHEEL DANCE is an Associate Member of Canada DanceSport, the Canadian Member of the World DanceSport Federation, who in turn is the official DanceSport representative of the International Olympic Committee.

By creating and supporting communities of Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin dancers throughout Canada, WHEEL DANCE is enabling competitive activity and recognition of the sport by the Canadian Paralympic Committee, with the goal of building a Canadian presence for Wheelchair DanceSport internationally.  Working together with our friends and affiliates across Canada, we are passionate about creating a Canadian team to represent Canada at international Paralympic DanceSport competitions.