Patrick Parson

Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor, Dance/Movement Therapist, and Member of Dance Movement Therapy Association of Canada

As a member of WHEEL DANCE's team, I use my extensive dance teaching experience, group facilitation skills, and in-depth knowledge of the expressive, social and therapeutic aspects of dance. I am passionate about helping people achieve a sense of freedom and fulfillment through dance and creative movement.

Highlights of qualifications:
Over 20 years of experience in teaching various styles of dance: Ballroom, Latin, Contemporary, Contact Improvisation.
S-class in Latin and A-class in Ballroom dance.
Organized and facilitated body movement activities for increasing physical and mental well-being for people of all ages and with different needs.

Katya Kuznetsova

Katya Kuznetsova is excited to share her experience in both contemporary and ballroom dance, as well as the skill of choreography, with WHEEL DANCE. She grew up in Magadan, in the Russian Far East, where she trained in ballroom dance since the age of eight with Tanzgracia Ballroom Dance Company. She also lived in Alaska for twelve years, where she "untrained," so to speak, through the study of release and improvisation as a base of creative practice. Since moving to Toronto, Canada in 2009 and earning a Master of Fine Arts in Dance Dramaturgy and Choreography, she has worked independently and in collaboration with local companies, including Mind the Gap Dance and Toronto Dance Community Love-In. 

Patrick Parson is the Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer for the Ballet Creole Dance Company and the Musical Director for Creole Drummatix. He also founded Ballet Creole’s School of Performing Arts, a Post-Secondary Professional Training Program for aspiring dancers concentrating on Dunham and Graham modern techniques complimented by Afro-Caribbean and Cuban dance training.  He is a respected professor at York University's Fine Arts and Kinesiology Faculties and also earned his Masters Degree in Dance Ethnology at York University. Patrick regularly conducts dance/music workshops and lecture demonstrations for educators and student bodies in Boards of Education and Universities across Canada.

Patrick continues to explore his creativity and continuously choreographs new works for Ballet Creole and other professional dance companies as a guest choreographer.  Patrick's work with WHEEL DANCE pushes the boundaries of movement and creative expression.  As instructor and choreographer, Patrick instills a passion for dance into the WHEEL DANCE community.

Ayana Spivak

Rehana Meru

Rehana Meru is a dancer and choreographer who specializes in Bollywood, Ballroom and Latin dance. She cofounded 7 Arts Dance Company Inc., a bollywood dance company with the mandate to empower and inspire women through the art of dance. She has led many dance workshops and performed at various community and corporate events. Rehana has also trained in social Ballroom and Latin dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, and instructed private and group classes for over two years. She has experience with wedding choreography for couples and large groups. Rehana has been participating in the WHEEL DANCE program since October of 2014, and has taught introductory WHEEL DANCE workshops at Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Centre as well as at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre.

Rehana is a registered physiotherapist at Neurocore Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre Inc., specializing in neurological rehabilitation. Rehana’s passion for both rehabilitation and dance is brought together through the WHEEL DANCE program. 

Our Instructors

Nancy Clarke

I began taking wheelchair ballroom dance lessons 6 years ago and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have always enjoyed music and movement and wheelchair dance has allowed me to experience these in a whole new light. The physical and emotional benefits are extremely rewarding and range from improved posture, strength and stamina to overall happiness and freedom of movement in my wheelchair. Throughout the years that I have taken lessons and performed at various events, I have gained a strong interest in teaching wheelchair dance, specifically teaching people how to lead with a partner in a chair. I currently work with the Town of Newmarket, teaching a Wheelchair Dance Class, and look forward to my continued work with WHEEL DANCE to provide more people with the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of dance.